About Dog Food Checker

How this app works

The database of the app is regularly updated based on the foods users submit and by proactively adding new ones, following the latest research.

In this database, foods are organized into the following categories:

– Harmful foods: foods your dog shouldn’t eat.

– Limited foods: foods your dog can eat but in a limited amount or after a certain preparation.

– Allowed foods: foods your dog can eat without many restrictions.

Please note, in most cases, it all comes down to quantity. Even if your dog eats a bit of chocolate (which is not healthy for dogs), he will probably be alright, but you need to avoid giving your dog these kinds of foods.

About Naked Coyotes

We are Naked Coyotes

We are proud owners of two incredible dogs, both are Texas Blue Lacys. It really matters to us how well we treat them. We want to make sure that their relatively short live’s are filled with love and great food!

We often found ourselves searching the internet and looking for information regarding a specific food and the health benefits. Mostly asking the question: can my dog eat this food? What food is harmful for my dog?

One evening I did it again and there was so much misinformation out there. What if we built a tool that helps other dog owners to figure out what human foods are good for dogs and what aren’t? This is our small gift back to the dog lover community.

Feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions since this will shape how the app will look and work in the future.

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